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Custom Headsets

We offer custom and branded design options for marketing, branding and personal purposes.

What we offer

Virtual reality is more than just a new form of exciting technology, it's a new way to communicate with people. Branded headsets are the perfect tool to engage your audience with experiences that are unique, impactful and memorable. 

Whether it's used as a tool to share your existing content or simply to start a conversation, branded headsets can provide you with a point of difference.


Our signature flat pack design only takes 3
quick and easy steps to assembly
The BVR1 supports a large range of smart phones with
screens up to 6 inches and is perfect for mail or postage.


Our premium headset, the BVR2 is a ready to use
design with a simple 2 step assembly 
It supports a large range of smart phones and is
designed for long lasting usage.
Explore a new world of content

Materials and Print Finishes

We offer a wide range of materials and printing options to make your headset stand out. We specialise in turning your ideas into a reality. Choose from different coloured cards or have your headset matte or gloss laminated to give it that polished finish!

Decal Headsets

Looking for custom headsets but don't want to break the bank?

For orders under 250 units we can brand your headsets with sticker decals to make them unique. Choose between a range of sticker options and design it how you want.
*Decal option is only available to orders within NZ

Friends of Bend

Do you make VR content? We offer an affiliate programme to industry creators. By becoming a friend of Bend you will receive a discounted pricing structure as well as a commission from any orders over 500 units.